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Can you think of a brand who’s killing it in business but their logo stinks? Nope, neither can we. Or how about when you find a company whose colors and fonts are all over the place with no real rhyme or reason? Yup, makes us cringe too.

Every great brand is built upon solid visual assets. If they’re well-designed and show up consistently, they’ll work in your favor and ultimately leave a good impression with the people you’re trying to reach. Whether you’re starting a new business or promoting an existing one, your logo and branding should stand out and represent you in a professional — and personal — way. Seems like a no brainer, doesn’t it?

A Little LaLa Logo Love

Invest In Branding, Invest In Your Business

Your logo and branding are the first things that people will encounter when they come across your business. Your logo should stand out and represent you in a professional, and personal way. With consistent branding, you’ll gain traction as people recognize and respect your business. If it’s consistent, it becomes recognizable.

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Looking For A Logo?

Bold or sophisticated, trend-setting or timeless, we love designing logos that bring businesses to life. Let’s chat to get you some of your own logo love.

LaLa Logo Pricing

Typeface Logo​ ($295)

Letters and words only here! Get your business name in type, without any graphic icon. These are typically simpler in nature and include 1-2 fonts.

Icon Logo ($995)

These logos include an illustrated or graphic icon to sit alongside text to help represent your brand. They’re usually more detailed, so they take more time to create.

You’ve decided you want to elevate your business and brand with a custom logo. Now what? Here’s what you can expect when jumping into a logo design project with LaLa:

  1. We kick things off with a virtual meeting with you to chat through your branding goals and talk about any ideas you’ve already got. 
  2. Next we create an InVision mood board full of existing logo and font examples that we think might mesh with what you’re looking for. We meet again virtually to go through these and narrow in on your vision.
  3. From there we get into creating hand-drawn sketches of some logo variations and add these to the InVision mood board. Then… you guessed it! Another quick meeting to review and discuss. At this point you get to choose your direction and pick the design that feels like you and your business. 
  4. Next comes the technical stuff. From the chosen sketch, we create a vectorized logo in black and white for you to review. This is followed up by finalizing it in full color and presenting it back to you for your final approval.
  5. After you’ve come down from your “they nailed it!” glow and give us your OK, we finish things up and get you all the file variations you need as well as a Style Guide to use for your own branding down the road.

Your LaLa Logo Deliverables

Okay, great. You decided on a design, but you’re wondering what’s included in your new logo toolkit? Short answer: ALL the things. 

You get every variation of file type and layout so that you can use your shiny new logo anywhere you want, from your website to your water bottle. And no matter which design direction you choose, you get a scalable, vectorized logo that you can make micro-sized or larger than life. We also give you an easy-reference Style Guide that defines the colors and fonts used on your brand assets. It’s never been so simple to put your brand to work!

With every logo design project, we deliver the following:

  • Two layouts of your final logo (horizontal & vertical/square) in the following file types:
    • Working Adobe Illustrator file (.AI)
    • PDF
    • JPEG (in CMYK and RGB color modes; at 72ppi and 300ppi quality)
    • PNG (RGB color mode; at 72ppi and 300ppi quality)
    • SVG
  • Branding Style Guide (PDF) includes at-a-glance listing of:
    • Both logo variations in full color
    • Both logo variations in greyscale
    • Fonts
    • Color information (Pantone, RGB, CMYK, HEX)

Bring Your Logo To Life

Now that you’ve got the logo of your dreams, it’s time to introduce it to the real world. You may soon find out that every platform or print application needs its own size-specific file. (Say, what???) Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We can prepare your files, upload them where you need us to, or even order the printed stuff for you. 

Digital Assets

  • Facebook profile image and banner
  • Instagram profile image
  • Twitter profile image and banner
  • LinkedIn profile image and banner
  • Google My Business assets
  • Your website assets
  • Email signature


  • Animated Logo(s)

Print Assets

  • Business Cards
  • Flyers & Brochures
  • Letterhead

Things Are Happening!

Now that you have your logo dialed in, it’s time to start thinking about your website!

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