Creating Value With Visuals

Instead of including an overused cliché about pictures, we’ll keep things simple and say this: your brand’s marketing plan needs good photography as much as it needs good words.

Having fresh photos helps tell your story and keeps your business growing. Whether for your website, social media posts, or print collateral, photography makes up a huge part of the visual side of your story.

No matter your project budget, you can use photographs to effectively create a cohesive brand experience for your website visitors. We can help you build your own library of digital assets by creating a batch of your own brand photography or finding the right stock images to convey your company’s message.

You’ve Got Options

Stock Photography

A more economical option, stock photos are usually about $10 each. We also have a few resources for free stock photography and use these when they’re a fit.

Branded Photography

If you’ve got a bit of budget, a personalized shoot with a photographer gives you a full library of images that captures the essence of your business. We know the locals, drop us a line and we’ll refer you to our favorites.

Drop Us A Line

LaLa’s two cents on investing in photography:

  1. In today’s age of social media, content and imagery is consumed really quickly. Let’s say you want to create three posts a week for your business’s profile and that each one includes just one photo — that’s 156 images you’d need for one year alone! A library of professional branded shots would put a big dent in this number, while bringing some much-desired brand cohesiveness into your feed, too.
  2. We all know that the next generation of your preferred smartphone will have yet another improved camera, touting all the professional capabilities of a DSLR camera. But… while these phone-snapped pics are the perfect fodder for your social media posts, your website and printed materials will look and perform better with high-resolution images. You may want to consider investing in professional photography.  It will give you an edge online and get you better results for your business.

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