The team at LaLa Projects is comprised of savvy independent workers with great communication skills. Our boutique-sized creative agency strives to take on projects that we are passionate about so that we can maintain an interesting and happy work life.

We primarily focus on digital projects. Our roots are in graphic design, website design & development, and WordPress. We also create art & design projects and are passionate about travel. Our digital team is 100% remote, we’ve been working this way since the LaLa Projects was established in 2014 and love the digital nomad lifestyle.


Make work fun

Enjoy what you do

In 2014, LaLa Projects was established with the goal to create work for our team that is interesting, challenging, and fun. A person spends most of their life working, we believe you should enjoy what you do. 


Remote working for all

Before starting LaLa Projects, the founder and creative director had been working remotely for more than 10 years.  This may be a new idea to some, but we have fully embraced the remote lifestyle from the start.  As the agency grows we want to maintain this style of work for all team members.

Aim for Greatness

Always do your best

We love having happy clients.  It is our goal to make our clients feel like they have had the best experience with LaLa Projects.  This is achieved through good communication, accessibility to the team, and delivering a completed scope of work on time and on budget.

Find the Good

Build strong partnerships

Finding good clients and great team members is imperative to maintaining a happy work life.  A good fit is more important than money.

Empower Others

You get what you give

As LaLa Projects grows we have started to build a network of freelance staffers.  It is our goal to lift people up, support them in the work they do, and empower them to follow their passion.

Work Thoughtfully

Be the solution

Our goal is to anticipate what our clients or team members need before they know they need it.  Life is much less stressful if you are proactive instead of reactive.

Create a Community

We are stronger together

At LaLa Project we strive to create products and services that our clients can actively contribute to and benefit from.  We consider this to be people-powered progress. Working together we can create solutions that make all of our lives easier or more affordable.