The Culture Behind Our Collaborations

There’s a bunch of reasons why we have happy clients… Sure, we deliver websites and creative strategies that make their businesses thrive. And yup, our boutique-sized creative agency does it all with top-notch communication and personalized customer service. (You’ll even get to talk to a real-life person when you call us!) But the key to our collaborations: happy creatives.

Our LaLa team of savvy independent experts are serious about making work fun. We love taking on projects that get us excited and we’ve figured out our own manifesto of company ‘must haves’ that leave us feeling content and creating our best for our clients.


Make Work Fun

We live love to work.

In 2014, we started LaLa Projects with the goal of creating work that’s interesting, challenging, and fun. And since a person spends most of their life working, shouldn’t you get to actually enjoy what you do for a living? 

100% Remote Work

Our bumper sticker reads: “WiFi or bust

We were working remotely before it became the cool thing to do. Ahead of LaLa Projects’ inception, our Founder & Creative Director had been doing the remote thing for over a decade. We trust the independence of our team and know that good work can be done anytime, anywhere. 

Aim For Greatness

No surprises = happy clients

We want every one of our clients to feel like they’ve had the very best experience with LaLa Projects. How do we make good on that promise? Through healthy communication, easy access to the team, and going above and beyond to give you everything you’ve asked for, on time and on budget. 

Find The Good

It’s got to feel right.

Finding a good fit with clients and team members is non-negotiable and so important for keeping a happy work life. We’ll take a healthy work relationship any day over money made on a project that’s full of red flags.

Empower Others

Spread the LaLa love.

As LaLa Projects grows, we’re excited to add to our network of super-talented freelance staffers. We love empowering these awesome humans to follow their own passions by lifting them up and supporting them in the work they do.

Work Thoughtfully

Always be a step ahead.

We’ve made it a goal to anticipate what our clients or team members need before they even know they need it. (We’ve been called mind-readers a time or two!) Life is much less stressful if you can be proactive instead of reactive.

Create A Community

We are stronger together.

We call it people-powered progress. It’s the act of working together with our clients to create and promote products and services that we can all benefit from. We’re proud to build community solutions that make our lives easier AND richer.