“We design and develop custom WordPress websites and offer other creative services and products to back them up.”

While there seem to be a hundred different options for getting a website on the world wide web, we choose to stick with our tried and true pal — WordPress. We’ve spent enough time in the development side of things to know that WordPress works and it’ll give you the easy-to-manage, professional online presence you’re looking for.

  • Content Management System (CMS) for you to make your own edits
  • Customizable plugins and themes to make it function the way you need
  • Built-in SEO tools to keep your site ranking on Google
  • A website that WOWS and keeps your customers converting

Website & Creative Services

Bring Purpose To Your Passion

We love collaborating with all sorts and sizes of clients and developers from all over the country. Whether you’re disrupting your industry, breaking into the business of weddings, writing the next great American novel, or saving the world, LaLa Projects helps you navigate through the details and decisions that set you up for cyberspace.

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Collaboration Is Key

We love nothing more than setting our clients up with a winning website. One that’s completely unique and doesn’t look like every other cookie-cutter site out there. And for those of you coming to us right out of the gate, we’ve got in-house graphic designers and copy coaches to help with logo creation and SEO-driven content strategy, too. We love meeting our clients wherever they are in their biz development journey.

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