Theme + Plugins + Database + Customization

We pull out all the creative tools to build websites that produce results for wedding biz professionals.

An Integrated Solution

LaLa Projects has created a solution for Wedding Industry professionals to elevate their website with local data. We have built and now manage many wedding venue and vendor websites throughout the Northern Michigan community. Over time we started to see a pattern in the type of information that our clients are interested in displaying on their websites. Rather than building the same thing over and over again, we decided to build a database of local businesses called The database is backed by a set of WordPress Plugins.

Let’s Get Technical

Parent & Child Theme

When building a custom wedding industry website we start with the LaLa WordPress Theme 4 as the foundation. This functions at the parent theme. Then we lay a child theme on top of the parent theme. The child theme inherits all the great features, functionality, and blocks of the parent theme. We use the child theme to customize the look and feel of the website.

Wedding Industry Plugins

Our wedding industry plugins are extensions of the LaLa Theme 4. We use the plugins to add even more great features to the website. The Wedding Vendors Plugin adds a preferred vendor section to the website. The Wedding Portfolio Plugin provides templates needed to showcase your work.

LaLa Insights Database

The LaLa Insights database integrates with both plugins to pull content into the website from the database via a WordPress API.

Interested in our wedding plugins?

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