About Armstrong Builders

Armstrong Builders work in and around the Rockford, Michigan area.  They can take on projects both large and small from new construction to home improvement. Armstrong Builders care about quality craftsmanship and have strong roots in the community, making them an ideal building partner.

Project Overview

Nate and Amanda Armstrong were wonderful to work with. The goal of this project was to create a responsive custom WordPress website design that would include a list of services, a portfolio of work, and contact information. They also wanted help setting up their social media pages.

Project Details

The logo and brand colors were already established, giving us a place to start. We approached this design with the regular guy archetype in mind.  This offers their clients a down to earth, approachable and trustworthy building partner. A call-to-action directs new potential clients to a free consultation section. We used earth tone colors to help ground the design.  We also used photos of the owner throughout the site to promote a personal connection between the client and the business.

The projects section of this website presented an opportunity for the website visitor to explore past projects.  We used WordPress custom post types to create a custom solution and template to create a unique and engaging page for the user to interact with.  There is a featured image at the top, followed by a project description. After that, the user is presented with a masonry tile display of the project images.  The user can click into the tiles to get a large view and toggle through them via a slideshow experience. Finally, the template ends with a share to social section, giving the would-be client the opportunity to share projects to various social platforms.

Project Features

  • Call-to-Action
  • Custom Home Page Template
  • Instagram Feed
  • Portfolio of Projects
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Testimonials