Wedding Portfolio Plugin

$75.00 / year

Show off your work in the wedding industry with the LaLa Wedding Portfolio Plugin.  Highlight a couple’s story, display photos of the big day, share testimonials, talk about your role in the event, and display the vendors used.

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Made for Wedding Industry Professionals

The Wedding Portfolio Plugin is for wedding venues, planners, and vendors to showcase their work.  Show your prospective clients the beautiful work that you do.

Display Vendors

The vendors portion of the wedding detail page integrates with both and the Wedding Vendor Plugin.  Simply tick a checkbox to add a vendor.  If you are using the Wedding Vendor Plugin and the selected vendor is part of your preferred vendor list, then it will link to the vendor detail page on your website.

Compatibility & Custom Integrations

The Wedding Vendor Plugin is compatible with both LaLa Theme 4 and LaLa Theme 3.  We hope that it works with all WordPress themes, but can’t guarantee compatibility.  We are happy to work with you on customizing the plugin to integrate with your theme, contact us to collaborate.


Our themes and plugins are dependent on the Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin. ACF PRO must be installed before the API License key can be entered into the WordPress settings.

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Setup is a Breeze

STEP 1: Go to the PLUGINS menu in WordPress >> Click on the ADD NEW button in the upper left-hand corner >> Click the UPLOAD PLUGIN button in the upper left-hand corner >> Then CHOOSE FILE to Upload the Plugin’s .zip file from your computer.  Pro-tip: Do not unzip before upload.

STEP 2: Check for available plugin updates.  Get the latest and greatest version available.

STEP 3: Go out to your website to view the page.  You can find it at

STEP 4: Find the WEDDINGS in the left-hand WordPress menu >> Go to SETTING to add a banner image to the /weddings page.

STEP 5:  Add Weddings and enjoy!


We recommend pairing the plugin with Yoast to help manage your metadata and improve your SEO.