Working with Authors

Over the last year, LaLa Projects has started to create custom WordPress websites for authors. We always enjoy working with creatives; they bring new ideas and interesting perspectives. We’ve learned much about the self-published author industry. So much so, that we have developed a WordPress Author Plugin.

WordPress Author Plugin

The WordPress Author Plugin is an extension that can be added to LaLa Theme 4. We use LaLa Theme 4 as the base of all of the custom websites that we build. Taking a parent/child theme approach— the parent theme has foundational elements that all WordPress websites require. Then we use the child theme to build on top of that foundation. The child theme is where the project-specific custom style and any custom functionality will be applied.

Easy-to-Use Book Plugin with a Custom Style

Each author is unique; they each have a brand, genre, and style of their own. The thing they all have in common is a need to manage and market a collection of books on their website. When you work with LaLa Projects to build a custom author website, you get the style you want along with an easy-to-use book plugin to help you manage all your books right from WordPress.


If the Author Plugin is missing something that is important to your author website, we are happy to work with you to either upgrade the product to suit your needs or build you something custom.  We believe anything is possible, let’s work together to dream up something amazing.  Contact us today for a free consultation!

Get all the Goods

This plugin is well supported. The more authors we work with, the better the plugin will get. Your website will inherit all new features and functionality of both Theme 4 and Author Plugin as they are rolled out.

Case Studies of Websites for Authors

Check out a couple of custom author websites that we created.

Wayne Stinnett

Deborah Wilde


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