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Let’s create custom T-Shirts is an excellent source that we use at Lala to help clients create their very own custom t-shirts and merchandise. If you are part of the Lala Projects community, we can help set up a personal account on your behalf, format the correct digital files of your designs, walk you through the various color and placement options for the products, and help open your own shop! Once we have created the coolest merchandise for your business, we will turn the account back over to you and show you how to manage orders on your own.

Why we love Bonfire

We like to use Bonfire because it is easy to navigate for even the most timid technology users, and there is a wide range of products to put your custom designs on (t-shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, hats, children’s tees, mugs, etc) with a plethora of colors to choose from! Logos and designs can be placed on the front and back of most products with the flexibility to scale and move your design to perfection.

Order for one, please

Another great thing about Bonfire is before you advertise your products on or your own website, you are able to order a single item for yourself to test the sizing, quality, and look of your new product before the rest of the world can! This gives you some time to make changes if necessary, or be the first to rock your merch around town. Bonfire also gives you the option to upload your new designs to their own online store, but this is not required if you would like to keep the products private.  Contact us to learn more >