Let’s Talk about Privacy

We recently went to WordCamp Phoenix and our biggest take away is that we need to help LaLa clients understand the importance of website privacy law.  Snooze-ville!  No one wants to talk about or deal with this issue.

Here is why you should care.

If your website is using Google Analytics or Forms (Yes, you are using these) to collect data about your website visitors then privacy law applies to your business.  If you do not follow the law you can receive HUGE fines. Like up to $7,500 per website visitor type fines.

Privacy law is currently being developed at a state level, not at a federal level.  The laws for every single state are different.  Over the last month, seven more states have proposed new privacy laws.

This is creating a unique set of challenges for small business owners. How in the world are small business owners supposed to keep up to date on new or changing privacy laws in all 50 states?  We have a solution for you!!


We are developing an agency partnership with a service call Termageddon. They provide a service in which we can set up a privacy policy page to auto-update the content as new laws are enacted or existing laws are amended.

They have lawyers on staff that keep up with the changing laws in all 50 states.  They will be launching Canada compliance within a few short weeks.


We have started using this service on LaLa Projects.  View our Privacy page.

Costs per website

You can work directly with LaLa Projects to get your privacy policy page setup.  We can either add a new privacy policy page or edit an existing one.
* $99 One-time setup fee.
* $10 per month service fee for using the Termageddon update service.


Ultimately, you are responsible for your website and the content within.  If you choose not to use this service we encourage you to hire a lawyer to write a privacy policy for you.


You may have noticed a couple of years ago many websites started asking you if you like cookies.  Your answer is likely YES, I love cookies, who doesn’t.  Do you know what cookies are? They are a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing.  It allows the website you visited to essentially track you, amongst other things.  Learn more about Cookies.


General Data Protection Regulation, is the privacy laws that were enacted in the European Union in May 2018.  Learn more about the GDPR.

One of the requirements of the EU laws is that any website doing business in Europe must give the website user the ability to OPT-OUT of Cookies.

Again, if you do not follow the law you can receive HUGE fines.

This law doesn’t apply to all LaLa clients, but it does apply to some.  It could become a law in the US at either a state or federal level at some point.

If you need or want to add a Cookie Consent Bar to your website we have a solution for you!!

GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

We have found a free plugin that adds the Cookie consent bar to the website.  Learn more about Plugin.


We have started using this service on LaLa Projects.

Costs per website

LaLa Projects can help you get this set up and styled to match your website.
* $49 One-time setup fee.
* No recurring fee as this is a free plugin.


We are not lawyers, you should contact one if you have questions or concerns about the topic of website privacy law and the responsibilities you have as a small business owner.