What is a Browser Cache?

Browsers cache are temporary Internet files on your local machine.  The browser downloads website images, data, and documents to your local machine so it can pull up the website faster next time your view it.

How to Clear your Browser Cache

While this is great for viewing efficiency, it some times prevents you from seeing changes made to your website.  As a website owner, you may find that you have the need to cache a Google Chrome Browser on occasion.  Not to worry, this will not delete any passwords or cookies.

Watch this very short video on to Clear your Browser Cache

Step #1

Right or Secondary Click anywhere on your website.  If you are on a Mac and don’t know how to use your secondary click, please visit Apple to learn more about how to use your hardware.  Here is a helpful link.

You will see a menu open >> select Inspect.

Step #2

Right or Secondary Click the Refresh button in the upper left-hand corner.  This will open a small menu >> select Empty Cache and Hard Reload >> you should see the changes to your website come through immediately.

Step #3

Close the inspection window by clicking on the X in the upper-right hand corner of the window.  You are done!!