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Creating visuals for your social media feeds can sometimes feel daunting. Here are a few Apps that may give you the creative boost that you need and the wow factor you want. They all offer both a desktop and mobile app version. So whether you prefer a full-on desktop experience or a mobile phone on the go, they have you covered. Each of these solutions offers either a light version or a trial offer, giving you the option to try before you buy.


This is an awesome graphic design program. It is very intuitive and easy-to-use. Canva has your branding baked in to make your life easy.
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Adobe Spark

Spark can help you quickly create branded graphics and videos. They offer nicely styled templated design options, great for a business owner on the go. The templates don’t offer too much in the way of customization, but the designs look nice.
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This App helps you create eye-catching social media videos. This is an easy-to-use App. Videos really do add a lot of interest to any social media feed.

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Enjoy. Create. Be Amazing!