Brand Integration

Brand Integrations

Look good online

We specialize in improving your brand integration. Combining our knowledge of social media and graphic design skills we are able to create brand consistency online. A beautiful and thoughtful web page combined with consistent branding on other online marketing channels will provide your customers with an engaging and satisfying viewing experience and helps them to remember you and your business.

Google My Business

One of your most important online assets is a verified Google My Business account. This is extremely important for brick and mortar shops because it is connected to your Google Maps listing. Google My Business is the new Yellowbook. We can create a new or claim an existing property on your behalf, get it verified and apply your digital assets to make it shine.


Another powerful business listing opportunity is Yelp. Customers often rate and comment on their experience using this channel. Keep the narrative positive by providing Yelp with up-to-date information about your business. This is especially important for restaurants because potential customers visit Yelp for menus, reviews and hours.

Facebook, Twitter and More

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have become a staple of online marketing for many companies. It is important to set up the accounts correctly. For a polished and cohesive look, we can apply your digital assets such as your logo, photos, and illustrations in the correct format and sizes.

Choosing Social Channels

Do you love to share inspiration on Pinterest, share your daily specials on Yelp or feed the shutterbug within on Instagram?  Each social media channel has a niche. Which ones best suit you, your personality and your business? Look within and evaluate what you are interested in contributing to regularly.

More is not always better. One engaging channel that you love working on is better than five undeveloped boring channels. Be realistic about what you are interested in spending your time on.

Google Adwords

Google offers a wide array of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) options such as Search Network, Display Network, Remarketing and YouTube. All of these should incorporate your brand in a thoughtful way.

Consultation & Training

If you are unsure how all of this integration will work, don’t feel overwhelmed. We are happy to sit down with you to figure out the best channels for your business.  We will take care of the setup, train you and get you going!