Wedding Vendors Plugin

$75.00 / year

Add a preferred vendor list to your website with the Wedding Vendors WordPress Plugin.  It is an extension for LaLa WordPress Themes.  The plugin integrates with our vendor database managed on  Setting up your preferred vendor list is a breeze.  Easily add a listing to your preferred vendor list and website with the tick of a checkbox.

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Made for Wedding Industry Professionals

The Wedding Vendors plugin is a powerful networking tool for wedding venues, wedding planners, and wedding vendors.  Whatever your role in the industry you can use the plugin to elevate your website content and help your clients connect with great local vendors.  Use it to create a preferred vendor list, favorites list, or highlight your industry friends.

Compatibility & Custom Integrations

The Wedding Vendor Plugin is compatible with both LaLa Theme 4 and LaLa Theme 3.  We hope that it works with all WordPress themes, but can’t guarantee compatibility.  We are happy to work with you on customizing the plugin to integrate with your theme, contact us to collaborate.


Our themes and plugins are dependent on the Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin. ACF PRO must be installed before the API License key can be entered into the WordPress settings.

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Setup is a Breeze

STEP 1: Go to the PLUGINS menu in WordPress >> Click on the ADD NEW button in the upper left-hand corner >> Click the UPLOAD PLUGIN button in the upper left-hand corner >> Then CHOOSE FILE to Upload the Plugin’s .zip file from your computer.  Pro-tip: Do not unzip before upload.

STEP 2: Go to PAGES menu in WordPress >> Click on the ADD NEW button in the upper left-hand corner >> Enter the title of your choosing >> In the right-hand PAGE menu open the PAGE ATTRIBUTES menu >> Select the Template VENDOR LIST >> then PUBLISH the page.

STEP 3: Next head on over to the VENDORS menu in the left-hand WordPress Navigation >> Select your preferred vendors by ticking the checkboxes >> SAVE CHANGES and you are done, easy peasy!


The wedding vendor plugin is great for SEO.  With every vendor you add, a Search Engine Optimized page is automatically created.  We write metadata for each listing on  The plugin is pulling in both page content and metadata via a WordPress API.