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Founder / Creative Director

Bringing big visions to life comes naturally to founder and creative director Debra Lanning. She delivers creative solutions and fully integrated brand plans. Debra’s keen sense for the tools that developers use helps her create designs tailored to the client’s unique system. Her web-based design work now represents clients across the country.

In 2014, Debra launched a web design and online marketing business called LaLa Projects. Backed by a degree in fine arts and nearly a decade of experience in web design and project management, Debra hit the ground running. In 2015, she completed a web developer certification through NMC. Today, she specializes in WordPress and Advanced Custom Fields. She uses the latest project management tools and design technology such as Sketch and Invision to bring fresh ideas to life.

Her love for Northern Michigan lends a sense of real connection and authenticity to locally produced projects. Debra followed her entrepreneurial spirit to Traverse City back in 2004—because home is where the heart is. Small town charm and the great outdoors keep her rooted Up North where competitive sail racing, hiking, and being at the lake are always close.

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Automate Your Digital Marketing

Categories: Digital Marketing, Pro Tips, Social Media
By: on March 5, 2020

Can we save time with automation? Many clients have asked us about automating digital marketing. No matter how you approach it, it takes time to plan your marketing strategy, write blog articles, take photos, make graphics, post out to your various social media channels, send bulk email, or manage paid ads. It all takes work. […]

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Let’s Talk about Website Privacy

Categories: Privacy, Pro Tips, Wordpress
By: on February 19, 2020

Let’s Talk about Privacy We recently went to WordCamp Phoenix and our biggest take away is that we need to help LaLa clients understand the importance of website privacy law.  Snooze-ville!  No one wants to talk about or deal with this issue. Here is why you should care. If your website is using Google Analytics […]

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How to size a photo for a website in Adobe Photoshop

Categories: Photography, Websites
By: on January 25, 2020

Common Question How do I size a photo for a website in Adobe Photoshop? Websites are made up of images and text.  It doesn’t really matter which website platform you are using, if you want to optimize your website speed (a.k.a. load time) you will need to learn how to size a photo for the […]

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Debra's Library

The Hero and The Out Law

Author: Margaret Mark & Carol Pearson

“The Hero and The Outlaw” is an eye-opening read for people interested in building brands. Archetypes are deeply rooted personas that are intrinsically part of our collective psyche. When you identify your company’s archetype it can help you better communicate your product or service and it can help you develop your company culture.

WordPress: The Missing Manual

Author: Matthew MacDonald

I really like the book series called ‘The Missing Manual’, they provide easy-to-understand helpful information.  They are also great reference books if you have an occasional how-to question.  If you are a LaLa client looking for a deeper understanding of WordPress.  The  WordPress: The Missing Manual may be a good fit for you.

The second edition only covers up the WP 3.9.  I don’t believe they have released the third edition on WP 5.0 and the Gutenberg Editor yet, but I bet they are working on it. Other than the Gutenberg Editor the WordPress core functionality has stayed the same, so the second edition is still chock full of useful information.

Lost Horizon

Author: James Hilton

The story of mythical Shangri-La is a quick and pleasant read that leaves you wondering was it a dream.  Though a great read and indeed a classic, one of the most interesting facts about this book is that is was the very FIRST paperback book.  Out of the 10 books originally released in paperback, this was known as pocketbook #1.  If you are interested in learning more about this, there is a section in the back of the book called ‘About the Book’ it tells the entire story.