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Bringing it all together

Content Development is the process of collecting and creating digital assets to be used on your website and other online properties. Digital assets consist of logos, photos, illustrations and written descriptions.

This is typically one of the most challenging parts of website development. It is imperative that the client is involved in the content development process. Client’s responsibilities often include the collection and delivery of existing assets and approval of newly created assets. In addition, we will work together to craft the website message to reflect your business.

At LalaProjects we will guide you through this process and help push your project forward.


Creating website copy is more than just writing a description.  We want to give your viewers information, but we also want to write keyword rich copy that will help search engines catalog and rank your website.  This approach to copywriting will produce dynamic writing that will put your website to work.  LaLa Projects employs a number of freelance copywriters, enabling us to connect you with a writing partner that will suit you and your business.


Here at LaLa Projects, we encourage our clients to invest in creating their own digital assets by working with a professional photographer. Once the photos have been created, your business will have marketing tools to work with.  We can use them to produce an image rich website that will engage your viewers.  The photos will also give you professional imagery to share on your social media channels or use in print advertisements.  Your business will get a lot of value out of developing these assets.

Together we can determine what photo assets your project requires and find the right photographer for your needs. In Traverse City, we work with a number of local photographers.  If you are a remote client, we recommend finding a locally sourced photographer to work with.

Stock Photography

Depending on the project, often we can use stock photography.  This will offer you many of the same benefits as listed above.

Graphic Design

LaLa Projects can help you create graphic assets that add a unique flare to your website.  Much of this happens in the website design and development process.

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