Website Design

Custom Website Design

Make your website stand out

Marketing your business online is essential in today’s marketplace. LaLa Projects can help you stand out by creating a custom website that you can be proud of.

Getting a website up and running can be a daunting task for many business owners. Rest assured –  when you work with LaLa Projects, we help guide you through the web design process to deliver a completed project. During your free consultation, we determine your needs and help you find the best possible product for your business.

We work with you to design, develop and manage a completely custom website.  We use WordPress and Advance Custom Fields (ACF) to create a completely unique website with a content management systems (CMS). This gives the client the ability to edit their own website.

Alternatively, we can also help you setup a template-based solution. These options are often more cost-efficient for clients with a small budget.

Design Process

Every business offers a unique product or service. As web designers and SEO specialists, the first step is to learn about your business and your online goals. From there, we work together to determine the best way to proceed.

Content Development

Websites are built using a catalog of digital assets that consist of logos, photos, illustrations and text content. Together, we will evaluate what assets you currently have and what needs to be developed.

Content Management System (CMS)

Integrating a website with a Content Management System allows the client to access a user-friendly backend to manage their own website content. At LaLa Projects we use the popular and affordable WordPress (CMS) solution.

Launch Expectations

Putting a website together takes a little time. Depending on the size of your website it can take months to develop. Websites for small businesses typically take 1 to 2 months from start to finish. There is usually quite a bit of back and forth between client and project manager. It is fun, challenging and rewarding work!

Client Involvement

As the client, you should understand your role in the development process is very important. You are the resident expert on your business and clientele. A website designer works with you to convey your brand, product, services and message. Your involvement and response times can affect the development time drastically. We encourage you to stay engaged and respond quickly to create momentum with your project.


Websites are meant to be interesting, dynamic and ever changing. Your customers want to see change regularly. Even if you have a relatively simple informational website about your business, we recommend that you change your photos and review your website message annually.

The Internet, Website Design and SEO are constantly evolving. Web design five years ago had very different concerns than web design today. Now we have to consider responsive design for smartphones, tablets, and computers. To stay relevant we must remain open to change and redevelopment.