Sporck Tile Art

Sporck Tile Art

Leland, MI

The Sporck Tile Art website is a great example of eCommerce at work. We enjoyed working with Ceramic Artist Leif Sporck to bring this website together. A large portion of the work for this website was organizing and entering all the various options available for each tile.

We trained Leif how to use the content management system. Together we developed an organizational plan for each category and piece of inventory. Leif was then able to do most of the data entry himself.

Before Debra Lanning (founder of LaLa Projects) turned her career towards website design she worked in the art industry for 20 years. This experience gives her a unique understanding of what artists need for their websites. We love working with and helping artists, it is exciting to help them move their careers forward.

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Leif Sporck Tile Artist