Skrocki’s Marine

Skrocki’s Marine

Suttons Bay, MI

We love working with small businesses like Skrocki’s Marine. The owner had a few digital photos, but he didn’t have much else to work with. This meant we had to create, find or buy the digital assets for the website. We started by creating a new logo and color palette.

The marina he works from is located in the small community of Suttons Bay, MI. We could have bought stock photos, but wanted to find imagery that would be more meaningful to his customers. We have a large network of friends in the area, so we asked around to see if anyone one had any interesting photos of the marina. Luckily our friends are amazing and we were able to find something perfect. Working closely with the owner we crafted the content and forms throughout the website.

With the new digital assets organized, we had what we needed to build him a beautiful new custom responsive website. We also verified his Google My Business page and applied his new logo and photos to make it stand out. Additionally, We edited Google Maps because it wouldn’t recognize the private road his business is located on. He now has an up to date online presence to help market his business.

Work with the go-to-guys for professional boat hauling and storage services in Suttons Bay. Start by visit Skrocki’s Marine website to learn more.

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