Bay Area Recycling for Charities

Bay Area Recycling for Charities

Traverse City, MI

Our work with BARC is on going. When we started working with them, they were not placing well within search engines. After thoroughly reviewing their website and working to improve their organic SEO, they are now appearing on the first page for Bay Area Recycling and for recycling in Traverse City, MI.

In addition to organic search, we created Google My Business listing for their recycling facilities. As a result, they are now listed on Google Maps. This improved information flow to their customers. They now receive fewer calls about their location, thus making them more efficient as a whole.

In 2014 we secured a Google Grant allocating $10,000 per month funding toward Google Search Network advertising. This allows us to drive even more traffic towards their website and target the six-county service area surrounding Traverse City, MI.

We update their website content, blog, and social media channels regularly. We also manage their Google Adwords and Google Analytics account monthly. We are currently seeing more than 100% increase in traffic to their website.

Bay Area Recycling for Charities is doing amazing ‘save the planet’ work. They have some really interesting programs that you might want to take advantage of, be sure to visit their website to check it out.

BARC Compostables
Bay Area Recycling for Charities Crew

What our clients are saying!

Deb Lanning is AWESOME at what she does. Every month we meet and she engages with me and BARC, learns what is important and profitable to us, and then attacks the web with smart, efficient, great marketing content to produce positive results. Website and information management can be tedious and cumbersome, but with LaLa Projects we get the creative side of Deb with her understanding of how it all works. I would recommend that you get a free consultation and see what LaLa can do for you and your business or organization.

- Andy Gale