Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Create something amazing

In many ways graphic designers create something from nothing. When you stop to think about it, that is pretty amazing. At LaLa Projects this creative endeavor integrates the client’s needs with the designer’s style. By working closely with the client, we can move through the design process with ease — taking a step-by-step approach that produces beautiful results.

Website Design Concept

At LaLa Projects a major part of the design process is creating a website design concept. A design concept is a graphic representation of what the website will look like once it is coded. First, we create the design concept. Once it is approved by the client, we move forward into coding the website.   


One of the goals of a website is to incorporate an existing brand, freshen up a previous brand or create a new brand. The starting point is always the company logo. Whether you are starting from scratch or polishing up an existing logo, LaLa Projects can help you through the process.


When a custom website is developed it either incorporates or extends the brand of the business further. As the designer creates the website, they are making color and font selections that project the company’s brand outward. When you have an established brand, these choices can have a far reaching effect – from the website to business cards to van decals and storefront signage. It is important that you maintain consistency to create a brand that adds value to your business.

Printed Materials

LaLa Projects can help you source and order printed materials. We regularly help clients design and print business cards or other printed materials.

Graphic Design by Traverse City, MI
Graphic Design by LaLa Projects