Building Websites for Builders

In the last year, LaLa Projects had the privilege of working with 5 different builders to create custom websites for their businesses. The biggest hurdles that builders face when putting together a website are supplying images of their work and developing text content for each page of the website.


It is understandably challenging to get photos of finished building projects, when the builders are working there are tools and parts all over the place and nothing is finished. When the work is complete there is no furniture or landscaping.  To really make a photos stand out it would be ideal to photograph the work after the final staging of the space is complete.

A key component for most construction websites is a portfolio section, clients want to see what type of work the builder has done in the past. They want to know that the company they are hiring is experienced.  If you are a builder with dreamers of having a website, start taking photos of all your work.

Hiring a professional photographer to shoot your work is great idea.  Assuming you have completed projects, the photographers  should be able to coordinate with the owners to stage the space and take photos of the interior and exterior of the property. On average it will cost $300 per property. It will be worth it when you land your next $500,000 project. It is a relatively small investment considering the value of your average project won.

Moving forward, you could plan photography into every project that you do, work it into your process and into your quote. Here is a great example of beautiful photos is from a LaLa client:


When you are working with LaLa Projects on a website be prepared to sit down with a copywriter. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is driven by text content. It is recommended that each web page has 300 words per page. This may seem like a lot of content, but if you want your website to place well on the search engines we are going to need to craft your website content with SEO in mind.

Work with LaLa Projects

LaLa Projects will help you get past these hurdles and more, but at least now you know what to expect.