Michigan Made Bottle Openers

Michigan Made Custom Bottle Openers created by two Grand Rapids, MI craftsman.  These Bottle Openers are great for breweries or corporate gifts.

  • They are handcrafted in Michigan
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Custom bottle cap on end
  • Engraved on side if desired

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Annual Asset Development

One of the biggest challenges for creating and maintaining an interesting website is finding or producing rich imagery. For as little as $300 you can hire a professional photographer to shoot new photos for you. When you go through this process annually, you are continually giving yourself new assets to work with. This will help you build a library of engaging and relevant images.

You will be able to use the images in many different marketing materials, from your website and social networks to print ads and brochures. Working from this library of images will also help you maintain brand consistency. Building your brand will ultimately create more intrinsic value for your business, which in turn creates employee and customer loyalty.

Managing your Maturing Website

Many small businesses have a website designed and built by a professional website developer like Pro Web Marketing. In the beginning it looks beautiful and you are happy.

Websites typically come with a content management system (CMS), so you can edit your website without involving your Webmaster.   This is a great cost savings measure, but sometime that website can start to look a little off over time. What happened to your beautiful website? It doesn’t shine quite a bright as it used to.

There are typically two things that occur. First, it is important to understand that you are managing your brand. You should not introduce alternate colors and fonts into your website, let your style sheet do the work. A style sheet is a predetermined set of colors and fonts that the website designer develop for you. The CMS will automatically use the style for you. This will help maintain consistency throughout your website.

Second, is displaying quality photos. Projecting a professional image out into in the world is essential.   We want to avoid the snap shot type images because they do not portray the professionalism that your business deserves.

Let’s ask ourselves. What makes a great website?   Well-written relevant text content is very important, but first and foremost we need great imagery.   If you don’t have engaging images, people will rarely take the time to read the content. An engaging image creates emotion. If you are selling zipline tours, we want to have images of people having fun ziplining, if you are selling popcorn, we want to almost be able to smell and taste the product. Your images need to be enticing.

If you are in need of great images you can purchase stock photography or an even better option is to hire a professional photographer. Either way it is important to develop a collection of images. Once you have a nice assortment, you will have images that you can use for all you marketing efforts in both web and print materials. This will create brand consistency and project the professionalism that you want.

Change is Great

Websites are meant to be a dynamic media. It is different than print media. Once a project is printed it is complete.

Websites offer the option to change your content regularly. Change is great for many reasons. New content is important to engage your clients. Your clients like to see change, recurring visits will not happen if your website is always the same. People are busy, they won’t waste their time going back to a website that never changes.

It is also important for search engines. When they are cataloging your website they are looking for updated information. If they see that you frequently add new relevant content to your website, they will visit more often and rank you higher on the search engine results pages. For example the New York Times website will get cataloged multiple times a day because they are constantly adding new content. The local business website that hasn’t changed anything in a year, gets very little attention from search engines.